Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google's Browser Launched

Google's own browser has launched. Called "Chrome", this browser has inherited some features from Firefox and Opera, and since it's open source, will be able to contribute code back as it evolves.

Check out Google's comic book describing the browser.

It will be interesting to see if this seduces Firefox and Opera users away, or if it hits Microsoft by enticing IE users to switch before they release IE 8 into production.

If Google manages to draw users away from Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel and into Google Docs, they'll really be hurting Microsoft where it hurts.


  1. Here's my list of features any new browser should have:

    1. FTP (FireFTP)
    2. Developer extensions
    3. Debugger (Firebug)
    4. Ad blocker
    5. Javascript extensibility (Greasemonkey)

  2. http://www.google.com/chrome?hl=en-GB Too bad it's only available on XP and Vista. I guess us Linux guys will have to wait

  3. This is the potential threat that Microsoft has been worried about since the 1990s

    You've got Web apps running inside isolated processes. It really sounds a lot like Google trying to take the Web application model and make it more viable as a replacement for the desktop PC application model. This is Google trying to really push applications to the Web and make that the way people do computing.