Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PDC 2008

So I've been reading about what's been going on at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, and a couple of things have caught my eye.

- Ray Ozzie spoke about Azure, the Microsoft "Cloud Computing" Services Platform. (Interesting side note: Ozzie is the inventor of Lotus Notes that left IBM for Groove, and became Microsoft's Chief Software Architect)

- Windows 7 was unveiled.

- It was confirmed that Windows Live ID is becoming an OpenID Provider

- There's a new .Net Logo


  1. new logo. finally, a decent excuse to switch from jee

  2. You forgot to mention that Ozzie left in 2002 after IBM decided to kill off Lotus / Domino and replace it with stuff built on JEE.
    I think domino was fin in the mid 90's but then it fell right off the radar.
    IBM doesn't even use it internally any more except for email. I've even seen some IBMers using SharePoint internally.


    Microsoft's long awaited push into cloud computing continues today, as the company announces plans to offer fully functional, if "lightweight," versions of its popular Office applications as web services that will run in people's browsers. The move signals Microsoft's intention to defend its massive Office business against incursions from Google Apps, Zoho, and other online competitors.

  4. speaking of dying a slow death, it looks like windows mobile is going to go the wat of Lotus / Domino as well. Not a single PDC session on it.

  5. I WAS a Lotus Notes admin/developer/E-mail admin until '03. Boy, did I pick the wrong horse! The malfunctioning Domino Web server, which would render only some of the Native Notes elements requiring me to create parallel HTML/XML code for every single database form, the bloated Web Mail Java Applets that refuse to download/upload, and a total mess of the Email/database system.

    I still cringe when hearing references to programing in Lotus Notes. The native language to Lotus Notes is the Lotus Formula language, where no looping allowed and certain functions could not be put before others for no good reason (or unpredictable side effects will occur).

    Then the dreaded DbLookup function. That one function alone caused so many intradatabase dependencies that I could not remove out-of-date documents in fear of causing problems in other seemly unrelated documents in bloated Databases.

    Please, somebody kill Lotus Notes with FIRE!

  6. I can't believe Lotus is still around.

    Lotus Notes is used by millions of people, but almost all of them seem to hate it. How can a program be so bad, yet thrive?