Monday, January 12, 2009

Blogger mistakes Apple's keyboardless laptop for a real product

Although I don't find The Onion quite as funny as I did when I started reading it in 1999, they still have some brilliant stuff sometimes.

Their brand of parody often delivered with such seriousness, traditional media occasionally mistakes it for news.

It looks like bloggers aren't immune to making this kind of mistake as well. The Onion recently had an article about Apple's new keyboardless laptop, which is so advanced that emails could be sent out in as little as 45 minutes, and has a battery strong enough to power it for 19 minutes.

Maybe it's just because the blogger is an Apple fanboy, but they seemed to have seen the video, missed the parody, and blogged about it.


  1. lol, I hadn't seen that, but I'm not suprised that apple fanboys would take every apple announcement they see and blog it.

    just like how the fanboy in the video would blindly buy anything with an apple logo

  2. "Other Bloggers Mistake Blogger's Parody for Actual Misunderstanding of Onion Parody"

  3. everything is just a few hundred clicks away.

    I'll by anything that's shiny and made by apple.