Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Windows 7 Upgrading

So I finally finished my upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. It took forever, but I did manage to keep all my applications like Chrome, Picasa, and iTunes, and all the settings are okay.

Bob Cringley argues that the time factor in upgrading to Win7 is intentional:

have you actually done a Windows 7 upgrade? Mine took seven hours! It shouldn’t have to take that long unless part of the goal was simply to discourage upgrading.
I had thought of just doing a clean install and starting from scratch, but I do have some files that I don't keep on my external drive, and some of my app settings take a few minutes to configure. Besides, I kind of wanted an excuse to use an awesome site called Ninite that has a lot of the apps I'd need to reinstall on one page.

My first impressions so far are good. My box wasn't exactly straining to run Vista (strong dual-core 64 bit CPU, decent video, and 8 GB of RAM), but now the boots and system processes are faster. The usability is good, but I haven't spent enough time to see the improvements I've heard others talk about.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed actually. Congrats, MS!

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