Saturday, January 23, 2010

I love Burton!

I was on twitter this morning, and I noticed Burton snowboards tweeted about a Canada Post shredder stamp. Since I helped do the analysis for the platform that Canada Post uses to sell the stamps, I tweeted a link to the stamp back to Burton, and they re-tweeted it to their 2,600 followers!

I love Burton Snowboards. I've owned 3 over the years - An Air 62, a Custom 62 I rode for years, and now a Custom 66 (which totally kicks ass). Here are some pics I took over xmas. Now back to studying


  1. that's rad. I love Burton too, and the stamp is neat/ I'm mostly excited about the hockey at the Olympics though

  2. It can be tough go find deals. However, I picked up a Burton Snowboard from this site last year. The deal was decent - but I noticed that they passed out coupons for savings in my email about a month later. So check you inbox to save next time around.