Monday, December 14, 2009

3D in pure CSS

This is interesting web programming - Román Cortés has developed a 3D technique using only HTML and CSS - No JavaScript, Flash, or anything else.

Although this is a bit writing a book without using the letter 'e', I the use of constraints pretty interesting. It looks great. and although it's far from elegant behind the scenes (he wrote heaps of code using hover pseudo style), it's an terrific way of pushing the limits of CSS.

(Click the picture to see the site)


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  2. Yeah - this is less than elegant. All it is is a bunch of :hover effects that change widths and positions of images (it isn't one image, its like 78 columns).

    There is a bunch of invisible anchors with hover pseudo style. This thing is so ugly and might be so painful to generate that i don't see anything good to claim it as pure CSS.

    A properly written version in JavaScript would have been much better.