Monday, December 14, 2009

iPhone cost breakdown

I saw this amazing graphic on GigaOM this morning.

The cost breakdown of components is particularly interesting. I was surprised to learn that the wholesale cost for the touch screen was $16 and the GPS transceiver was $2.25.

The market share breakdown for RIM, Nokia, and the others is interesting too.

At the subsidized price, Apple makes $371 profit per phone.

Apple sold 5.2 Million iPhones in Q3 '09. That makes for $1,929,200,000 in one quarter.

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  1. AT&T's $2 billion over 2 years is actually almost as significant as Apple's $1.9 bil, except that their revenue comes in over two years, so the present value of that $2B is a fair amount lower. I don't know how ATT recognizes their revenue with contracts, but Apple still would be on top profit-wise if it weren't for AT&T's voice and SMS charges.